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4. Why Is AskBenny Unique?
5. Mandarin Training Program
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1. Introducing AskBenny

1.1 Who We Are

AskBenny is founded by a group of young individuals partnered under the banner and philosophies of Passion, Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Following the principles of Team work and a Global Vision, AskBenny aims to define and pioneer the integration of Online and Offline learning, looking for new ways and tools to help language learners all over the world.

With a multitude of talents, skills and strengths within the AskBenny team, we aim to fulfill our Mission statement - "Learn Mandarin Faster than your friends".

We are - AskBenny.

1.2 Our Goals

Through simplicity and enjoyment, our objectives and goals is to maintain an absolute focus on delivering more than just a service or lesson, but rather an interactive environment where the natural initiative of language learning is given a platform to evolve. As in any of life's experiences, we are always influenced by our immediate surroundings and the people we associate ourselves with. The introduction of Benny himself, provides users with a mentor, a guide and most importantly, a friend. Through a community of equally minded users, a positive and perpetual atmosphere is achieved.

1.3 Benny's Methodology

By creating a fun, natural and interactive way of learning language, Benny has developed an alternative method, differentiating himself from the traditional forms and systems of teaching. Combining this with the positive energy, constant encouragement and a charismatic appeal, Benny and his style instills an infectious desire to understand, use and therefore learn the language.

2. Contact Us

We can be reached by email at

3. We Also Provide

3.1 Face2Face

If you live in Shanghai, studying Mandarin has never been as much fun, as with Benny at the helm. Start today by emailing or calling us to arrange a FREE DEMO CLASS!

"It's easy as ABC!"

We are proud to present our unique services:

Other tailor - made training is provided, please contact us to discuss.

3.1.1. Mandarin Training

24 hours 48 hours 72 hours 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours
1-to-1 Standard 160 150 135 180 170 155 200 190 175
Elite 180 170 155 200 190 175 220 210 180
Standard 100 90 80 110 100 90 120 110 100
Elite 120 110 95 130 120 105 140 130 115
Group* Standard 80 75 70 90 85 70 100 95 80
Elite 90 85 80 100 95 80 110 105 90
Speed Standard
Beginner only
(4 hours/day for 6 days)
3360 n/a n/a

* Rates are based on per person per hour

  1. Rates are in RMB.
  2. All training fees shall be made on or before the first scheduled lesson.
  3. Group lesson are for a minimum of 4, at a maximum of 8.
  4. For Group of more than 8, please contact us to discuss.
  5. Transportation fee will be charged depending on the actual expenditure.

3.1.2. English Training

PACKAGES 24hrs 48hrs
Chinese Instructor Native English Instructor Chinese Instructor Native English Instructor
1-to-1 Standard 200 400 190 380
Elite 230 460 220 440
Standard 300 600 280 560
Elite 340 680 300 600
Group* Standard 500 900 400 800
Elite 600 1100 500 1000
Speed I (4hrs/day @ 6 days) 3,840 per week 6,720 per week - -
Speed II (4hrs/day @ 12 days) - - 6,720 per week 12,480 per week

* For 1-to-2, 1-to-3 and group, rates are based on per group per hour.

  1. Rates are in RMB.
  2. All training fees shall be made on or before the first scheduled lesson.
  3. Group lesson are for a minimum 4, at a maximum of 8.
  4. For Group of more than 8, please contact us to discuss.
  5. Transportation fee will be charged depending on the actual expenditure.

For more information on one-2-one experience, corporate packages, scheduling and fees, please e-mail us at:

3.2 Translation


English to Chinese Basic 250 RMB/1000 words Word count is based on the original document
Technical 450 RMB/1000 words Word count is based on the original document
Chinese to English Basic 350 RMB/1000 words Word count is based on the output document
Technical 550 RMB/1000 words Word count is based on the output document


  1. All translations will be normally be done within 48hours (pending on the volume).
  2. For URGENT translations, extra charge applies.


Chinese Interpreter for Chinese / English interpretation 500 RMB / hr
Note. Travel time from/to location is charged using the rate listed.
Day Rate (8 hour day) 4,000 RMB / day
Note. Travel time from/to location is included in this daily rate

4. Why Is AskBenny Unique?


AskBenny will assess and review progress of the course, prepare a final general evaluation and provide the relevant completion certificates.

Proposed reviews are

  1. Before the class start, we will do a review to understand the language level. This is a baseline for improvement.
  2. Depending on the length of the course, we will hold other review(s) to make sure you are keeping up with the class. If we notice you are not keeping up, we can do some adjustments to make sure everyone enjoy and learn from the class.
  3. We will do a final evaluation at the end of the class to summarize and report what you have learnt.


All training fees shall be made on or before the first scheduled lesson.

We accept payment in RMB, USD, EUR, GBP and HKD. Payment can be effected by cash, cheque, paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

5. Mandarin Training Program

(100 learning hours)

White belt
Survival Chinese, able to speak basic Mandarin. Learn how to order food, talk to the taxi driver, shopping, expressing your emotions. In this level, you will learn about 240 basic words and phrases.

Yellow belt
Understand basic commands and requests and are able to get by easily day to day. Understanding is slightly better though not completely, aware of most of local expressions, behaviors and slang. Learn about 300 words and phrases.

Green belt
You are able to communicate using business words and phrases. Understand the complexities of industries. Your understanding is of a significant level. In this level, you will learn about 360 words and phrases.

(250 learning hours)

Green belt
Blue belt
Purple belt

Understand most words, phrases and local sayings related to daily life. Produce connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling. Ability to live, eat and socialize in an easy, comfortable and confident manner. Describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

(400 learning hours)

Red belt
Brown belt
Black belt

You can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. Express yourself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. Use language flexibly and effectively for academic and professional purposes. Produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects. Most importantly, you are able to talk Mandarin freely to locals and give Chinese speech and presentations.

6. Testimonials

Carol Potter - CEO, BBDO China
"I would never have dreamt that after only 3 months I could make a speech to my company IN MANDARIN but with AskBenny's help that is what happened. AskBenny is so much more effective than any other language school I've experienced."

Lauren Jane - Singer/Songwriter/Model/ Star of "Shanghai Rush"
"I've been in Shanghai almost 2 years and haven't found anyone as great as Benny. He is truly amazing! Most teachers in Shanghai teach Mandarin in a really boring manner. Benny's style makes learning fun and allows you to experience the results immediately. After on a few lessons my vocabulary grew tremendously and I began feeling more confident in speaking the language. Now I can communicate almost anything and it makes life so much easier!

Benny's unique way of teaching gets me excited about learning Mandarin. I look forward to my lessons every week.

Thanks Benny! You're the best!"

Michael MacRitchie - Vice President, Ticketmaster
"I believe that Mandarin is the language for the future. I also believe that Benny's teaching methods will revolutionize the future of Mandarin study. The way Benny teaches should be the way that Mandarin is spread throughout the rest of the world ... He is by far the greatest teacher I have ever had."

Michael Sag - Senior Manager, Broadway Asia Entertainment Ltd
"Benny has been my Mandarin teacher for the past eight months and learning from him has been entirely my pleasure. His approach to teaching Chinese is professional, innovative, and motivating, especially for an American businessman like myself who finds learning a new language extremely difficult. He is willing to eschew traditional language instruction structure in favor of a personalized approach tailored for each student for the most effective results. His flexibility, both with instruction format and scheduling, makes him an ideal choice for traveling businessmen or expats relocating to the Shanghai area. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues alike who have an interest in starting their Mandarin education."

Jon Benn - Actor And Star of Bruce Lee's "Way Of The Dragon"
"I am very impressed with! I have had several lessons from Benny himself and have learned more in a short time than I learned in the last 5 years of trying to teach myself!! Keep up the good work."

Andrew Collins - Chief of Staff of
"Before Ask Benny came along I was just another ignorant westerner masquerading as a professional in China. Getting from the taxi, to the meeting to ACTUALLY signing a contract became a whole lot easier the day I could express 'you're business is important to me' in Chinese."

David Young - Co-Founder
"I've studied with AskBenny since 2008. From the first lesson I knew AskBenny offered something different. With AskBenny, learning Mandarin is not work, but fun. Lessons are geared towards topics that are of relevance to me, making life in Shanghai more interesting. AskBenny's follow up is excellent: after every lesson I get a vocabulary list emailed to me in both written and MP3 audio format. Very helpful. I highly recommend Benny and his team!"

7. Standard Terms and Conditions

Our T&Cs are simple. Any T&Cs that works for google, facebook, yahoo or msn should work for us. Of course, we need to change the company name and where the law is applied. If you really want to see our T&Cs, click here.

8. Private Policy

We do our best to keep your personal information safe. To start with, we don't really keep any sensitive personal information. What we must have is your username, password, and a valid email address. Other information that we collect only spices up your personal profile and your royal presence in Bennysland.

9. Join The AskBenny Team

As we are continuously expanding and looking for news to branch around the world, we constantly looking for like-minded people out there to join in and become part of the global AskBenny team!

10. Voice Yourself

Your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and comments matter to us, so if there is anything you feel you need to let us know - just contact us and we'll be all ears!

11. Partner Page / Links

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