Learning : What Career To Go For?
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Abstract : It's always a dicey decision to know what future career one takes. Having many options can sometimes make it harder to chose and of course the outside influences of family and friends. My advice, find a job you love doing, and you'll never work again!

Wǒde péngyou, jīntiān wǒmen yào tǎolùn yī gè hěn rèmén de huàtí. Jīngjì wēijī hé niánqīngrén de zhíyè. Cóng qùnián shíyī yuè kāishǐ, měi gè rén dōu zài tǎolùn jīngróng wēijī.nǐ duì jīngróng wēijī yǒu shénme kànfǎ?


经济危机(financial crisis)的时候,给了很多年轻人一个大挑战。很多时候,大学生学的专业不是他以后的工作。


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