Learning : Can You Count?
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Abstract : It's the simple things in life that are often the hardest to master... do you know how to say “multiply”, “add”, “subtract” or “divide” in Chinese? Learn now from Benny and Joy!

B: Hey, guys, wǒ shì Benny. Hǎo xiāoxi, AskbennyChinese.com zài Youtube shàng yǒu chāoguò yībǎiwàn de rén kàn le! Suǒyǐ, wǒmen xiànzài qù jiǔbā qìngzhù. Zǒu ba
嘿,朋友们,我是Benny。好消息。AskBennyChinese.com youtube上有超过一百万的人看了!所以,我们现在去酒吧庆祝。走吧!


J: Tài hǎo lewǒmen jiù fùjìn de nà yī jiā ba!


. . . . . .

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