Learning : Are You A Free Thinker?
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Abstract : Having on open mind allows one to see things from different perspectives. Listen to Benny & Joy discuss basic similarities and differences between cultural foundations.

B: Wǒde péngyou men, jīntiān nǐmen hǎo ma? Wǒ jīntiān qǐng Joy hé wǒmen yīqǐ tǎolùn yī gè tèbié de wèntí. Joy, nǐ xìn fó háishì Yēsū?
我的朋友们,今天你们好吗?我今天请Joy和我们一起讨论一个特别的问题Joy, 你信佛还是耶稣?


J: Duìbuqǐ, Benny. Wǒ shì wúshénlùnzhě.


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