Benny's Friends

Helping Benny and his quest for spreading the Mandarin Word, Benny's Friends are a diverse group of individuals, each with special areas of expertise. Like Benny and his Angels, his Friends are there on call to assist all Bennyians around the clock.

  • astialexandria Miss Tea
    Miss Tea is an expert on tea. She wants to work hard to answer all your questions about tea, so please, ask away!
  • patrick Dr. Tech
    Born in the year of the Rooster, Dr. Technology (or Dr. Tech for short) mastered the art of mathematics and all things technical. With his bionic eye and innumerable gadgets he helps the smooth flo...
  • fred Blazing Buddha
    Possessing the heavenly secrets of Food and Wine, Blazing Buddha is a source of culinary knowledge. With his ancient wisdom and intellect, he can recommend, guide and advise Bennyians on the best f...
  • robert Gabriel The Arc Angel
    Want to learn how to sing? Ever wanted to know what the difference between Musical Theatre and Chinese Opera? Just ask Gabriel the Arc Angel!
  • CuteConnie Cutie Cute Connie
    CutieCuteConnie is a master of photography... expressing through obscure angles and altering perspectives. As a picture paints a thousand words, CutieCuteConnie's paints a million!



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