Learning : Stock Market
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Abstract : Like a roller coaster ride, the stock market has the potential to rise, and fall. Learn the jargon and stay one step ahead in getting the latest information and possible warning signs.

Dàjiā hǎo! Huānyíng lái Bennysland! Nǐ tóuzīguò gǔshì ma? Have you ever invested in stock market? Huòzhě, nǐ duì gǔshì gǎnxìngqù ma? Or, are you interested in stock market? Jīntiān, wǒmen lái xuéxí yīxiē yǒuguān gǔshì de shùyǔ. Now, let us talk about stock market:


伴随着一个强劲上升的趋势,中国的股票市场今天早上跃升到x,000点的平台。一个精明的投资者 (investor)在牛市(bear market)和熊市(bull market)都能赚到钱。


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