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Abstract : The entertainment industry anywhere in the world is a perfect insight into the psyche and cross-culture of tradition and pop in any social fabric. None more present then in Chinese increasing growth and at the same time awareness of the outside world's influences.

Nǐmen hǎo, jīntiān nǐ AskBenny le ma? Hěn gāoxìng yòu zài zhèli kàndào nǐmen. Bié wàngle duō hé nǐde Zhōngguó péngyou shuō Zhōngwén! Nǐmen kànguò “American Idol” ma? Xiànzài zài Zhōngguó yě yǒu hěn duō xiàng “American Idol” yīyàng de diànshì jiémù. (Have you seen the TV show “American Idol”? Currently in China, we also have a similar TV show.


人们通过比赛来选出自己喜欢的歌手或者演员。“红楼梦中人”大型选秀(talent show)就是如此。


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