Learning : Respecting The Customers
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Abstract : As many of you have heard, doing business in China isn't always as easy as people think. You know what the biggest factor is? Yes, you got it – Language. Master the Language, and you master the Business.

Hello everyone, welcome to Bennysland. I am Benny, your friendly neighborhood Mandarin teacher . You are now at Black Belt, the final belt. In this belt we will start to learn a short article which is about “How to succeed in doing business in China.” Are you ready for the challenge? Here is a short article.


在竞争(competition)激烈(tough / fierce for competition)的中国市场(market)上,几乎所有著名的国际品牌公司都看好(think something/somebody has promising future)中国市场,并且加入了竞争。


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