Learning : Women's Status in The Family
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Abstract : The position and status of women in China has been ever changing, from even just 100 years ago to the present day, a huge change in the outlook and role of women in China has emerged. Traditionally, women's roles were quite different both at the home and in the social community.

Xiànzài de Zhōngguó, nǚxìng de dìwèi yuèláiyuè gāo. Tāmen bùdàn zài gōngsī lǐ biǎoxiàn chūsè, érqiě zài jiātíng lǐ de dìwèi yě shífēn zhòngyào. Jīntiān wǒmen de huàtí jiùshì guānyú nǚxìng zài jiātíng zhōng de dìwèi. (Now in China, women's status and position in the social system has drastically changed. Not only in the company, but also in the family. Today our topic is about the women' s position in the family.)




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