Learning : Capital Cities In China
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Abstract : Yes, there is only one Capital city in China, but did you know it wasn't always Beijing! If you're curious to discover just how many other capital cities there were before Beijing, then read on! If you're here in China, why not even take a short flight and see these cities for yourself!

Hi, dàjiā hǎo, wǒ shì Benny, nǐmen hǎo ma? Jīntiān wǒ fàn le yī gè cuò wù, wǒ yīzhí yǐwéi Àodàlìyà de shǒudū shì Xīní, kěshì tā shì Kānpéilā. Wǒde Àodàlìyà tóngshì yīnwèi zhège hěn bù gāoxìng. Bùguò, xiànzài, wǒ xiǎng, wǒ bù huì wàng le, suǒyǐ wǒ yě xiǎng hé nǐmen shuōshuo Zhōngguó de shǒudū.



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