Learning : Chinese Wedding Trend
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Abstract : As with every culture, the union of two people is always a sacred time, though the way in which cultures express and celebrate this varies. Read on and discover the Chinese way of what the West call “Tying the knot”.

Guòqù de 2008 nián yǒu hěn duō rén jiēhūn le, wǒ yě cānjiā le wǒ liǎng gè hǎo péngyou de hūnlǐ. Xiànzài de hūnlǐ yuèláiyuè yǒu chuàngyì, chángcháng yǒu jīngxǐ . Suǒyǐ , wǒ jiù xiǎng dào le xiàmiàn de wèntí.



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