Learning : Save Our Planet
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Abstract : Can we truly make a difference? Yes, we can! Lets look into the issues of Environmental awareness and eco-friendly alternatives.

Rúguǒ nǐ shì AskBennyChinese.com de yònghù, nǐ yīdìng zhīdao wǒmen yǒu yī gè huódòng, Benny Bean Go Green. Bennysland de rén dōu hěn zhùyì bǎohù huánjìng, jīntiān wǒmen jiù lái tǎolùn yīxià huánjìng.


说到环境(environment),现在在世界范围(worldwide)内都是个大问题。过去,人们很重视(pay a lot attention)经济的发展,却忽略(overlook)了环境保护。


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