Learning : The Definition Of Success
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Abstract : How do you define success? Is there a measure or a reference point? Let's learn with Benny and see your thoughts on this matter and discover what success means to you.

Zuótiān wǒ pèngdào yī gè xīn péngyou, tā jiào Chéng Gōng. Wǒ dāngshí juéde hěn hàoqí, wǒ wèn tā zhēn de xìng Chéng ma? Tā shuō shì de, wǒde bàba māma xīwàng wǒ shì chénggōng de. Tāde míngzì gěile wǒ línggǎn, jiùshì jīntiān de huàtí.



每个人都喜欢成功(success),即使(even if)现在失败,我们还是会期待(look forward)成功。


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