Learning : Coffee Culture In China
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Abstract : With a growth of Western commercialism, one of it's biggest byproducts is the consumption of coffee by the Chinese. Brands like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Costa, Citta and many more are trying to spread their wings throughout the Chinese population.

Wǒ zhīdao wàiguó de péngyou xǐhuan hē kāfēi de bǐjiào duō, nǐmen xǐhuan hē shénme kāfēi? Xiànzài, yě yǒu hěn duō Zhōngguórén hē kāfēi. Nǐ duì zhège xiànxiàng zěnme kàn?



中国传统的饮料(beverage)是茶,红茶、绿茶、花茶、普洱茶。但是随着和西方国家联系的密切,现代人也开始喜欢喝咖啡了。甚至分掉了茶的一半市场份额(market share)。


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