Learning : Fast Food In China
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Abstract : Ever head of “Kung Fu”? No, not the martial art, but one of China's fastest growing fast food chains! See how China responds to the ever increasing commercialism that is spreading across the continent.

Zǎoshang hěn máng de shíhou, nǐ chángcháng chī shénme? Shì bù shì kuàicān? Nǐ chī zhōngshì kuàicān hái shì xīshì de ne?


如果我提到“快餐”(fast food),你会想到什么?肯德基,麦当劳?这些洋快餐在中国流行了很多年了,依然很受欢迎,肯德基和麦当劳的广告(advertisement)更是随处可见。

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