Learning : Fortune Telling
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Abstract : They call them soothsayers, fortune tellers or Profits, all with one thing in common – the supposed ability to see into the future. What does the future hold for you? Read on!

Wǒmen zǒng shì shuō, méi yǒu rén zhīdao wèilái. Kěshì, yǒu yī zhǒng rén kěyǐ gàosu nǐ wèilái, guānjiàn shì, nǐ xiāngxìn ma?



很久以前,我的妈妈带我去算命(fortune telling),他们那个年纪的人都很相信这些东西,说什么把你的“生辰八字”,也就是出生时间和属相告诉算命的人,他就会告诉你,你的将来会怎么样。


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