Learning : Are You Still Using A Beeper?
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Abstract : In such an ever developing world of technology we now live in, the then concept of having video phones seems only a futuristic ideal. Now with the launch of 3G and such devices, communication between people have jumped light years ahead. Which mode of communication do you use the most?

Xiànzài , jǐhū měi gè rén yǒu yī gè shǒujī, suǒyǐ diànxìntelecomshěn fādá, jīntiān, wǒ dài nǐmen liǎojiě yīxià Zhōngguó de diànxìnyè.



随着科技(technology)的日益发展,我们的通讯工具也经历了不少变化。从十几年前风靡一时(once popular)的BP机到之后的固定电话,随后就出现了手机。


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