Learning : Water And Health
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Abstract : With the increase of awareness in health and body, a focus on water and it's health properties comes to light. Learn the keywords and essence of how water is so valuable in our lives... so let's not waste it!

Shuǐ duì rénmen de shēnghuó shì fēicháng zhòngyào de. Měi tiān wǒmen dōu yào hēshuǐ, yòng shuǐ zuò hěn duō de shìqing. Shuǐ hé jiànkāng de guānxì yě shì fēicháng jǐnmì de, suǒyǐ wǒmen xūyào liǎojiě gèng duō zhè fāngmiàn de zhīshi. (Water is very important for our lives . We need to drink and use water everyday. Also water has a close relationship with our health. So we need to know more about this aspect.)


Hǎo jīfū(肌肤), měi tiān yào hē 8 bēi shuǐ.


Good skin, drink 8 glasses of water everyday.


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