Learning : Project Brainstorming Session
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Abstract : When you are in a company and trying to brainstorm with your team, what can you say to help the creative juices flow? Read on and learn some insights into brainstorming!

B: Nǐmen hǎo, wǒde péngyoumen(你们好,我的朋友们). Jīntiān nǐmen guò de zěnmeyàng?(今天你们过得怎么样?)I hope all is well. And good to see you again, Joy. Nǐ zuìjìn zěnmeyang?(你最近怎么样?)


J: Zuìjìn háishì lǎo yàngzi, měi tiān dōu hěn máng, kāi hěn duō huì.


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