Learning : Do You Have Any Allergy?
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Abstract : If the answer is yes I have an allergy or someone you know has an allergy, this experience is useful when you are dining out.

B: Nǐ hǎo, wǒde péngyou, wǒmen yǐqián xué guò guòmǐn zhège cí, means “allergy”. Xiànzài wǒmen zài Hèdài, suǒyǐ ràng wǒmen xuéxí gèng duō guānyú “allergy” de Zhōngwén ba! Joy, what's wrong with your runny nose? Have you caught a cold?


J: Bù shì gǎnmào, wǒ liú bítì shì yīnwèi huāfěn guòmǐn.


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