Learning : When, Why And Which
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Abstract : We sometimes overlook some of the words mentioned in the next experience, but you'll notice very quickly just how important they are to make your Mandarin that little better and your thoughts that much clearer!

Dàjiā hǎo! Huānyíng lái Bennysland! Today we are going to learn how to ask questions! Actually I believe you already know but today we will do some reviewing and go a little deeper. Why? Because asking questions are a part of our everyday experience!

In English, “when” has many usages. I am sure you know how we say “when” in Mandarin? Yes, it's “shénme shíhou”.


Nǐ néng gàosù wǒ yínháng shénme shíhou kāimén ma?

Can you tell me when the bank opens?




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