Learning : Three Basic Tenses
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Abstract : Grammar is important to put together the vocabularies you have learned so far. Did? Have done? Doing? Let Benny guide you.

Hey, dàjiā hǎo,wǒ shì Benny! Nǐmende chūnjié zěnmeyàng?(How's your Spring Festival?) Jīnnián, "AskBennyChinese.com." yǒu hěn duō xīn de dōngxi, They are based on the vocabulary we have learned. Here we will talk more about their differences and usages.

As we all know, if you are driving a car, the direction is very important ! The same as the tense in a sentence, you should use the right tenses, it will give the right information. So now, let’s have a look at the three basic tenses in Mandarin.

Verb + le


did something

Verb + guò


have done/experienced something

Zài + verb


be doing something



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