Learning : The Usage Of "yiqian" And "yihou"
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Abstract : Past, present, future? Before or after? Learn the usage of these words and you can explain whether an event has happened or is about to happen. Let Benny take you for a ride on the time machine.

Nǐ hǎo, wǒde péngyou, nǐmen hǎo ma? Wǒ shì Benny! I had a very nice chat with my old friend, he is a friend of my middle school. Ten years ago, we were students. Ten years later, we all become teachers. He is an English teacher, and I am a Mandarin teacher. It is useful to know “before” and “after” in Mandarin when we are talking about the past and the future. Let’s have a look.



in the past

time + yǐ qián


some time ago / before some time



in the future

time + yǐ hòu


some time later/after some time



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