Learning : Basic Sentence Pattern With "ba"
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Abstract : I once heard a master of martial arts say “The simple things are usually the hardest things to master” Let Benny teach you the complexities of the word “bǎ”.

Dà jiā hǎo, wǒ shì Benny. Jīntiān wǒmen yào xué yī gè yǒuyòng de jùxíng -- bǎ zì jù. (Hello everybody, I am Benny. Today we will learn a useful sentence pattern – how to use “bǎ”.) Nǐ tīngshuōguò ma? Nǐ yòngguò ma? Juéde hěn nán ma? Bù yào dānxīn, wǒ huì bāngzhù nǐ. Wǒmen kāishǐ ba.(Have you heard of this? Have you used this? Do you think it is difficult? Do not worry, I will help you. Let us start.)


Wǒ bǎ hé tong fàng zài le zǒng cái de zhuō zi shàng.

I placed the contract on the president's table.




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