Learning : Moonlight Clan And The Houses Slave
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Abstract : Local sayings are always an interesting way to connect with the locals and also as interesting is finding out how they began! This experience touches on expressions for the younger generation spending money and those with mortgages! A real eye opener!

Dàjiā hǎo, hái jìde wǒmen shàngcì xué de yànyǔ ma? Nàxiē yànyǔ zài Zhōngwén hé Yīngwén lǐ dōu yǒu, jīntiān wǒmen yào xué liǎng gè fēicháng yǒuyìsi de local saying. Tāmen dōu hé qián yǒuguān. Hái děng shénme, kuài kāishǐ ba. (Hi everybody! Do you still remember the proverbs we learned last time? Those proverbs can be found both in Mandarin and English. Today we want to learn two interesting local sayings. They are both related to the money. Well what are we waiting for! Let us do it!

The first one:



moonlight clan



. . . . . .

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