Learning : Western Star Sign and Chinese Horoscope
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Abstract : A definite topic of conversation for any situation, is Star signs and Horoscopes! Learn how to say each of the Western and Chinese symbols and how to ask someone for theirs! And in case you were wondering, in Chinese, I am Rooster and in the West, a Leo! What's your Star sign and Horoscope?

Hi, dàjiā hǎo! Have you ever been asked this question: Nǐ shǔ shénme? I can tell you my answer: Wǒ shǔ jī, which means: I am a rooster. Yes, this question is asking you: What's your Chinese horoscope? It's a very interesting topic indeed. Like every westerner wants to know what's his/her Chinese horoscope, Chinese people are also curious about the western star signs. First of all, let's see how to say “Western Star Sign” and “Chinese Horoscope”:



Western Star Sign



Chinese Horoscope



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