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Jon Ashley (ashleyj722)  

Registered on :  2007-10-03
Chinese Mandarin Level :
Chinese Mandarin Level
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Points : 557    Posts : 6    Responses : 0    Comments : 1
Country :  SINGAPORE
Language :   None
Interests :   I'm from the UK but have moved to Singapore

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Hey Benny! How is it going? I can’t believe I’…

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2008-10-21 / 01:05AM

Hi Benny,

I have just done the accommodation…

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2008-09-20 / 01:05AM

Hello Benny,

Just like to say congratulatio…

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2008-08-28 / 12:24AM

I go to a hawker centre in Singapore every day …

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2008-01-31 / 12:04AM

I can say wo bu shi meiguoren and then I can s…

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2007-10-29 / 12:19AM

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