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Daniel Marko (markodani)  

Registered on :  2009-10-18
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Chinese Mandarin Level
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Points : 337    Posts : 5    Responses : 3    Comments : 0
Country :  HUNGARY
Language :   English, German, Russian, Hungarian
Interests :   你好! 我叫Dani.我是15岁. 我学中文,俄文, 德文, 英文, 匈文.我喜欢中文书法.我生在匈.

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Hi Benny.When do you use 不客气, and when do you u…

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2012-03-03 / 02:12PM

Hi Benny.How do you say in chinese “Good Luck!”…

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2012-03-01 / 04:14AM

Benny, Is the Basic Mandarin Chinese, Shopping …

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2011-02-19 / 02:32AM

I have a problem with this:UU1002. Please repai…

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2010-01-01 / 06:34PM

ni hao Benny.what’ s
your full name???

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2009-10-24 / 05:51PM

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