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Tony Hodge (thodge)  

Registered on :  2007-10-07
Chinese Mandarin Level :
Chinese Mandarin Level
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Points : 223    Posts : 5    Responses : 3    Comments : 0
Country :  AUSTRALIA
Language :   None
Interests :   I love playing guitar and listening to music. I am a fun, young at heart, sort of guy. Happily married with a 15 yr old daughter.

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Ni hao Benny,(here comes a long message)
I hop…

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2007-10-15 / 07:25PM

Ni hao Benny,
In regard to my question the oth…

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2007-10-14 / 08:10PM

Ni hao Benny,
Do you have available .mp3s of e…

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2007-10-12 / 06:50AM

Ni hao Benny,
In the lesson on verbs when aski…

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2007-10-10 / 02:02PM

Hi Benny,
Thanks for an excellent site. I have…

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2007-10-08 / 10:31AM

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