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Happy the year of Dragon  (2012-01-17)

Jan 23, 2012 is the Chinese New Year. This is the year of Dragon. We wish you and your family all the best and of course, please keep up your hard study, see you on Bennysland!

Benny Needs You!  (2010-08-22)

To All The Loyal Citizens of Bennysland!

We’re going to re-vamp & upgrade this website, so we’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, ideas or thoughts on what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to add or see more of!

We want to make the best Mandarin Learning Website in the World!

Now’s the time to make your thoughts count!

Look forward to hearing from you by either emailing me directly on or posting it on the “Discussion Board”


Shanghai is HOT this Summer  (2010-08-20)

Air-cond broke down. Outside temperature is above 38C. Luckily, the server for the site is in data center. For us, at AskBenny, we still keep our cool"est" and support you in your Chinese learning.

New Short Course - Body, Health and Leisure  (2010-01-25)

Our body and health is very important to us and it is closely related to us. This new course is all about our “Body, Health and Leisure”. There are topics that range from telling your body parts to signing up a membership at the gym. You will bound to find topics that you can practice imminently. To see the list of topics, click here Body, Health and Leisure.

We hope you like the new course we prepared for you. Start learning and enjoy a healthy living!!

Your iLand has found a new home  (2009-12-08)

As the year is coming to an end, we are trying to finish up our website renovation.

Some of you has been wondering where is your iLand. Well, the World Dubai might be sinking but we have found a better place to “house” your iLand. Your iLand is now displayed within your profile information. Once signed in, click your name to open your profile page and you will find your iLand grow as you learn.


Easy access to White Belt content  (2009-11-12)

Do you have any plans this weekend? Why not spare some time and learn some basic Mandarin Chinese! We are now offering FREE White Belt (Beginner) content just for you! Isn’t this superb?! So start digging into the habit of learning Mandarin Chinese anytime and anywhere, even without signing in!

Starfruit version is launched  (2009-11-05)

We are extremely excited to announce that we have revamped www.AskBenny.Cn and have launched today, November 5 2009, the Starfruit version!! There will be excellent fun and feature and of course, the best bit of all, a new short course. Hope to see you there and don’t forget to invite your friends, the more the merrier!

We have improved AskBenny site navigation  (2009-09-09)

We heard you. We have received many comments and suggestions on our site navigation. With your comments, we have spent many long nights putting this improved navigation. We believe this change will help you to find what you need, and go where you want easier. Enjoy.

Mini-games are in Bennysland  (2009-08-10)

We have added few mini-games for you to brush up your Mandarin. Try them and see you in the Hall of Fame. Moreover, we also have updated the B-Times.

By popular demand, the old-fashioned style BCTV will be coming back  (2009-07-10)

Since the launch of Alpha Returns, we are overwhelmed with requests for having the original style of BCTV. We are working as fast as we can. We plan to get WHITE belt and YELLOW belt BCTVs done before the end of July 2009, and the rest by end of September 2009. Stay tuned.


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