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From :   Ester Malá

Date : 2007-10-07 / 03:16AM

How do you say: I am from Slovakia.
And: How do you from?

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 benny bennysland.com 
2007-10-07 / 10:58AM

ni hao, Ester Mala, welcome to Bennysland, Let me tell you these 2 sentences in Chinese:

1. nǐ shì nǎ li rén? = Where are you from?

2. wǒ shì sī luò fá kè rén = I’m from Slovakia

If you have any other questions about learning Chinese, please do not hesitate to come here, we’re always here for you. xie xie zai jian!


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 Carlos Del Santos yahoo.com 
2007-10-07 / 12:15PM

I love your pic Ester!



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