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From :   piperchandesu

Date : 2007-10-07 / 03:12PM

NI Hao Benny:)!!
Wo hen kai xin!! I got my results from my auditions and I am assistant concertmaster! Just one sit away from being The Concertmaster. I couldn’t believe it, but my conductor gave me the you- such- a- good – player look why is it so had to believe it!! Oh my, I just kind of did my happy dance!! I’m so glad you could feel I was going to get a good score, I know that helped a lot!!:)

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 Benny the Mandarin Teacher 
2007-10-07 / 03:15PM

WOW! That’s awesome! Congratulations! I am very happy for you and will tell the whole AskBenny Team! Im sure you will soon be ConcertMaster in the future!!

Keep it up!


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 Alissia Jackson 
2007-10-10 / 07:43AM

Xiexie, I sure do hope that I will be concertmaster next year! I can’t wait until our first concert!! Zaijian, Benny :)



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