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From :   pooshybooshy

Date : 2007-10-07 / 03:13PM

Ni hao Benny, I just want to say xie xie for the videos, they really are a great help. I don’t know if you remember me commenting on one of your videos, but since then I’ve decided to learn the words before characters.

Also, if I remember right, and I may not be fully correct… morning is Shang Wu, Afternoon is Xia Wu, Evening is Wan Shang… but what is Night?

Last question, is the word you the same as your?

Xie Xie. Zai Jian!

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2007-10-07 / 04:28PM

ni hao, xie xie ni commenting on one of my videos.

night in Chinese is “wan shang” and “ni” means you while your is " ni de".



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