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From :   Harmeet

Date : 2007-10-08 / 02:52AM

Hi miss word how was your holiday? I was wondering could give me the kitchen utensils please. For example Spoon, cups, plate, mug, fork, knife , chopping board. I dont really know much if you could think of any others please tell me. Thank you so much for helping me xie xie ni.

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 Miss. Word bennysland.com 
2007-10-08 / 10:36AM

Ni hao,Harmeet! I think the holiday is a little short for me :)

Well, let me answer the question.

Spoon= sháo zi

cup=bēi zi

plate=pán zi

mug=bēi zi



chopping board=qiē cài bǎn

scissors=jiǎn dāo



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