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From :   pooshybooshy

Date : 2007-10-08 / 01:56PM

Xie xie ni, Benny. Ni shi hen you bang zhu – did I say that right? :d I was meant to say you are very helpful. I’ve found a Chinese-English dictionary online but you are my main source for learning right now – you are definitely the best online. I’ll recommend you whenever the chance arises.

Ps. I left a comment on your Name and Nationality video and your Variations of Frequency video. If you could answer my questions on there, it would be much appreciated.

Zai jian and wan an (good night?)

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 Benny the Mandarin Teacher 
2007-10-08 / 02:10PM

Xie Xie Ni Pooshybooshy!

I’ll check the question and get back to you asap!

Thanks for your support and friendship!

I cant wait till we launch BETA version!

and yes… you are right! “Wan an” means “Goodnight!”… let me say “Hao Meng” = “Sweetdreams”

Xia ci jian!


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