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From :   george aerenga

Date : 2007-10-09 / 12:03PM

miss word,hi,how ar just re you?i have just registered.what happens do i start learning to speak mandarine?

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 Miss. Word 
2007-10-09 / 01:12PM

Welcome, George! :)

We provide materials and an environment here for learning Mandarin, and they are free! You can find them in “Learning” section, including audio, video and comic. If you have any questions, ask me in “Scrapbook” section, or you can ask any angels (ask teachers) We will happy to help you!

We will provide more features in our beta version, such as, in “My Iland” section, you can watch your iland grown along with the improvement of your Mandarin level, from White belt to Yellow, Blue…, etc.

Hope to see more of you here!



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