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From :   george aerenga

Date : 2007-10-09 / 02:02PM

hey guys,i’ve gone to learning like you suggested.where do i start.where are the materials.i must be going blind.there’s a little chinese man inside me,trying to get out,but i can’t understand a goddamn word he’s

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 Benny the Mandarin Teacher 
2007-10-09 / 03:37PM

Ni Hao George!

When you click on Learning the Materials are all there in front of you… if you want more specific material, you can search in the search box! If you want to a Map (Course) Just copy & paste this link and everything is there for you :

When we launch our BETA verison, you will have access to much much more!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions!

Zai Jian!


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