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From :   adebi

Date : 2007-10-13 / 01:31AM

i was wondering if you could include the phonetic tones, its sort of kind of an alphabet but not. everytime i try and speak what ive learned to my friends, they keep correcting my phonetic pronounciation. i love your classes and think benny’s land is really improving my mandarin though and every one is impressed. thanks

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2007-10-13 / 11:14AM

Ni hao adebi. What you suggested is a good idea. It would be eaiser to have phonetic tones. We will think about it and try to realize it in our future lessons. But Pinyin is also very important, because it’s the basic and used very common. The reason sometimes your pronounciation is not correct is because you haven’t master some basic rules of Pinyin. We are going to make a video about Pinyin. Will keep you posted about it!

Xie xie ni!



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