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From :   Shane Gower

Date : 2007-10-26 / 08:22PM

Hi, I’m from New Zealand but live in Shenzhen. Can you explain how to use jiu(就). 谢谢你.

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2007-10-27 / 08:32AM

ni hao, Shane, huan ying ni lai Bennysland. Let me explain to you how to use “jiu”

1. “jiu” is used to indicate short time, it is used for future and past tense, for example:

nǐ shén me shí hòu lái? = when will you come?

wǒ jiù lái = I’m coming soon

2. “jiu” could be used as “only” for example:

Who ate the bread? Is that you, Benny? (With angry tone)

bù, bú shì wǒ . wǒ jiù chī le 2 piàn miàn bāo = no, it wasn’t me, I only had 2 pieces of bread

Besides this, “jiu” can also be used to emphasize the object, for example:

nǐ hǎo, wǒ zhǎo Benny = hello, I’m looking for Benny

wǒ jiù shì = I am



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