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From :   eggie

Date : 2007-11-02 / 10:17PM

hi benny i learned a lot word from you. Qing wen, How can i give direction if someone lost.? xie xie ni.

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2007-11-04 / 09:08AM

Ni hao eggie. I give you some examples here:

yi zhi zou = go straight

zuo guai = turn left

you guai = turn right

zai zuo bian = on the left

zai you bian = on the right

dui mian = opposite

dong = east

nan = south

xi = west

Let me know if you think about other phrases.
bei = north

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2007-11-08 / 09:15PM

fei chang xie xie benny for your answer beacause i really need it in my field of work. More power to you and i hope you can show more interesting topic in youtube.



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