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From :   Geroge Mladovich

Date : 2007-11-04 / 05:22AM

Ehh like this. I started today learning chinese and I wonder if there are some beginners guide, I was looking on youtube, he /benny is a good teacher.
Hope you answer soon^^
Regrads Yugoslavia

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 Miss. Tone bennysland.com 
2007-11-04 / 09:17AM

Hi huan yin ni (welcome here), wo de nan si la fu peng you (my Yugoslavia friend)!

If you are beginner and you want to start learning step by step, go to “Bennysland”, clicke “white belt”, clicke “get a taste of the experiences”. now you will see a 24 hours learning content. You can start from the 1st hour to the 24 hour. The learning including experiences, comics and micro-classes. If you would like to review a topic, click “add to my stash”. Next time when you log in again, you’ll see it in your stash on the “My iLand” section.

Hope seeing more of you here. If you have any questions, just ask me, or benny!

:) jia you!



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