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From :   bouldoires

Date : 2007-11-04 / 09:50AM

Hello miss Pinyin, i met Robert few days ago and he really sold his stuff so i had to register. But i have to say that now i’m register, i’m kindda lost, where to start?


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2007-11-04 / 04:08PM

I think it’s wise to register here,,haha~~Welcome new bennyian


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 Miss. Pinyin 
2007-11-05 / 09:52AM

Hi bouldoires, welecom to Bennysland!

The main learning materials is on the “Learning” section. There are experiences, comics and micro-classes, three kind of learning materials. For example, click “Read”, you will see a full text of the experience. You can download PDF file if click “view in PDF”. Click “watch on Youtube”, you will listen the full text while you see the script. If you already register, you can click “add to my stash”, then when you log in next time, this experience will be in your “stash” on “My iLand” section. This function can let you keep some learnig you like or you want to review next time.

If you are beginner and you want to start learning step by step, go to “Bennysland”, clicke “white belt”, clicke “get a taste of the experiences”. now you will see a 24 hours learning content. You can start from the 1st hour to the 24 hour.

Another very important section is “Scrapbook”, you can ask Benny any questions here. Of course, you can also ask Benny’s Friends, Angels any questions on “Bennysland” section, just like you did right now.

I hope this helps. :) Welecom again!



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