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From :   eggie

Date : 2007-11-08 / 09:37PM

Hi benny! its me again. I’ve learned so many chinese word, but my problem is I dont know how to make it a sentence. Could you please help me. xie xie

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2007-11-09 / 10:06AM

That is a good question. there are many students have this kind of confuse. ok,here give you a golden structure to organize the sentence.
time(which the action occur) .subject .place(which the action occur) .verb .object.
example:A;jin tian(today) wo(i)zai(at) jia (home)kan (
today i read a book at home.
But when the place is the terminal.then it is an object.
example:jin tian wo qu(go) shanghai.
ok,you have handful pearls.(a lot of chinese words), Now let’s use a string to make a pearl necklace.



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