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From :   Harmeet

Date : 2007-11-13 / 06:46PM

Hi Benny i want to practice how to write mandarin is it the same as canotnese or is it different. Has your site got any facilities in to help write chinese characters

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Chinese Mandarin :Chinese Mandarin Level
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 Benny bennysland.com 
2007-11-14 / 10:15AM

Hi Harmeet. Haven’t seen you for couple of days :)

There is no difference in written Chinese between Mandarin and Cantonese. Nowadays we all use simplified Chinese in mainland China.

But in Hongkong and Taiwan, they use traditional Chinese. Some characters are different in writing between simplified and traditional Chinese.

At this stage, we are stil concetrating on spoken Chinese, so we haven’t put any facilities which helping write characters, but in the furture, we may have this plan. But you can ask me anytime :)



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