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From :   Harmeet

Date : 2007-11-15 / 06:24PM

Hello Benny well i dont really have many questions to ask about the Mandarin at the moment I am making use of the things i have learnt. Thank you Benny very much for welcoming me i would certainly ask your team for Help in Mandarin. How are you is everything ok what date is that beta version coming out on is it he end of November. Fei chang xie xie ni Benny:)

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Chinese Mandarin :Chinese Mandarin Level
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 Benny bennysland.com 
2007-11-16 / 09:39AM

Hello Harmeet. That’s good, take some time to review what you learnt.

Everything is really well here. We are busy for the launch of beta version. I can’t give you an excat date, but it will come in the next 2-3 weeks for sure!

Zai jian!



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