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Date : 2019-11-14 / 05:25AM

One way to assess a covers <a href="" target="_blank">예스카지노</a> record is whether its appeal stretches beyond fans of the re-interpreter to fans of the original performers. In the case of “Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police,” both camps should be pleased.

Part of the album’s appeal lies in Hatfield’s choice of several Police deep cuts while relying on the hits for only a third of the tracks. Having released an album of Olivia Newton-John covers last year, Hatfield’s adeptness with the genre is reconfirmed.

Hatfield usually puts her imprint on the tunes by stripping back some of the gloss and dialing up the darker hues, while keeping the melodies nearly intact and the songs easily recognizable.

While not in the Andy Summers vein, Hatfield’s guitar playing is still quite wonderful and effective as she piles on multiple layers and tailors a wide gamut of sounds to fit each song. She also does all the vocals and keyboards while playing bass and drums on about half of the 12 tracks.

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