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Date : 2019-11-14 / 05:28AM

“The Report,” written and directed by Burns and starring Adam Driver as Jones, is the story of that report and Jones’ struggle to release it. At a time when false narratives come by the blizzard, the film is a heavily researched, star-laden, big-screen effort to set the record straight.

“Whatever narrative you want, you can find. They’re all out there on the internet waiting for you. Whatever confirmation bias you walk into a situation with, you’ll find the narrative you dreamed up waiting for you,” says Burns. “I guess I still believe that there are facts. I want very much to live in a <a href="" target="_blank">더나인카지노</a> world where facts inform storytelling.”

Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, “The Report” has stood out as something more akin to a ‘70s thriller – an inner-government “All the President’s Men” that takes the audience inside a legal struggle that some, like the late Sen. John McCain, saw as a battle for the very ideals of American democracy.

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