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From :   Meir

Date : 2007-11-29 / 04:30AM


I don’t know how to modify my profile on the Iland page. For example, there is a field for interest (my reason for wanting to learn Mandarin?) but I have no idea how to edit it or any of the other areas on the Iland page. I couldn’t find anything browsing or searching the site to help me either . : (

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2007-11-29 / 09:44AM

Ni hao Meir, let me help you.

1. Modify your profile

Yes you can anything that you are interested in the field for interest, for example, learning Mandarin. PASSPORT field is actually your login name, and VISA is your password.

2. My iLand

Your iLand will change along with your Mandarin skill is improved. Have a try, to take the exam, see what happen on your iLand when you go to the yellow belt.


Click “design your map”, if you are white belt, you’ll find a 24 hours white belt course, there are some topics are replacable, so you can design your own “MAP”(course). When you finish it, and you upgrade to yellow belt, you will find YELLOW belt course here. So “MAP” is basically where you organize and learn your mandarin everyday.


here you can search all citizens on Bennysland. Click “invite”, you can invite them to be your buddies, so you can send messages with each other to discuss anything, of course, about learning Mandarin :)

Have a try, my friend, enjoy your life on your iLand, and show me your beautiful iLand next time?




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