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From :   leo

Date : 2007-07-14 / 12:07AM

my problem is if i try to read characters (i.e tian1xin4) i cant decipher their meaning. if i were to translate this tian1xin4 it could be trust God or faith or letter from heaven(God).. those were just guesses but the exact precise meaning dunno..clueless.. another is how to put precise pinyin words to form a word… e.g marriage is it just hen or hen li or hen yun i saw hen li used in some articles and so as hen yu/n. another is how am i suppose to know how to choose and properly use pinyin words if they have similar meanings like fu, niang, taitai etc. these are the problems i encountered while trying to learn chinese…

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 Benny bennysland.com 
2007-07-15 / 08:32AM

First of all, tian xin doesn’t make sense in chinese, literally it does mean the letter from the god, tian is “day” or “sky” , “xin” is letter, but “tian xin” has no meaning.
in any context.

Second to all, I guess you question is " hun li" “hun yin”, hun li is wedding and hun yin is marriage.

Third to all, dont try to pick up characters and try to make a new word. You cant learn any words if you do so.

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 (Passing By) yahoo.com 
2007-07-16 / 07:07PM

Good dictionary answers both questions. I like www.mdbg.net



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