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From :   白特金 阿林

Date : 2007-07-16 / 01:56AM

is there any way to learn Chinese like crazy. 因为我会说一点儿汉语!但是我要学中文。我的中文不很好但是我的中文蒸蒸日上!

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 Miss. Tones 
2007-07-16 / 10:45AM

Hi 阿林, 我觉得你的中文不错! If you want to improve your madarin from now on, please don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Try your best to speak mandarin with Chinese people.
P.S 蒸蒸日上 is quite formal for studying. Just say 越来越好.

Responses Owner
2007-07-16 / 10:52AM

One of my ways is to speak Mandarin with confidence, and, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. I think this might be similar idea with what you mentioned ‘crazy’. By the way, your Mandarin is very good!

Responses Owner
 Eric Roberson 
2007-07-16 / 11:28AM

I think Chinese Character is beautiful, but I got bad memory…

Responses Owner
2007-07-17 / 04:51PM

i really appreciate your responses!!! it is so touch!!! I would like to say 加油!!!!!



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